DUROL Coolant

DUROL Coolant, A premium engine coolant that works with ease protecting your Enterprise, Engine & Environment. The coolant with all the health and safely attributes still perform as a Superior cooling system protector. It deliver better aluminum & copper protection and improved liner pitting protection compared with other coolant. Our product is readily biodegraded in water treatment system containing active sludge conditioner. it is fully formulated with an organic compound enhanced with inhibitor. It is pure mixed ready to use straight from the container therefore simple to use with no mixing required. 

Executive Summary

 DURO TECH CHEM, was established in year 2000, as Coolant manufacturing, Marketing company for Industries & Automobile engine Coolant, corrosion inhibitors. The combined experience of directors and Promoters are more than 20 years in coolant & heat transfer fluid making. We provide complete solutions in terms of products & service with special thrust on optimizing product cost, smooth & consistent result. We have one of the most experienced & technical staff, State of the art Production and laboratory facilities . 
    Our keen knowledge of the all the automobile industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today's clients. These solutions allow you to:
• Increase productivity
• Reduce operating costs
• Increase customer satisfaction


We as, DURO-TECH CHEM have a common objective of providing our competency in providing our customer with the result oriented product with a special thrust on quality. In the long run of association our motive is satisfy the customer while upholding the technical standards of excellence, Innovation and to strengthen our ties with the customer and supplier. We are committed to work with the clients in a very individualized and responsive manner to ensure understanding of their needs. We have a very focused out look for offering our value-based product and service. 


Use in your vehicle

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